February 2, 2023
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ChatPhysics Live 2021

Hello and welcome to ChatPhysics Live 2021!

We understand that not everyone is able to access live professional development opportunities, and so our speakers have kindly prerecorded their videos so you can watch them and discuss them at a time that is convenient to you. We have 24 videos to share with you across 5 themed days, 3 live panel discussions, plus a special keynote from Jim Al-Khalili.

We would love for you to continue the discussion with all of the speakers on Twitter, using the #ChatPhysicsLive hashtag.

Meet the team behind the conference here.

Read our speaker bios here.

Thank you and enjoy the conference!

Welcome from Fabio Di Salvo (@FabPhysics)

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for Fabio then you can message him directly on Twitter:

Keynote speech from Jim Al-Khalili

Day 1: Pedagogy

  • What does it mean to implement cognitive science into your physics teaching? – by Adam Robbins
  • Misconceptions: we don’t know what we don’t know – by Carole Kenrick
  • The Use of Inquiry Based Learning in A Level Physics Teaching – by Charlotte Jenner
  • Theory of Knowledge in the Physics Classroom – by David Fairweather
  • Embedding hinterland into the physics curriculum – by Miss T Banda

Day 2: Inclusion and Reflection

  • Teaching Physics as a Non-Specialist – by Alison Middleton
  • Girls in Physics: Learning from research and practical application for the classroom – by Emma Russo
  • Diversity in Physics – increasing underrepresented groups – by Genevieve Bent
  • 5 Ideas from Physics Education Research to Change Your Classroom – by James de Winter
  • Physics Curriculum and Sequencing – Year 7 and Beyond – by Kieran O’Callaghan

Day 3: Numeracy in Physics

  • Prototypes in Physics – by Ben Dickens
  • Rethinking First Examples – by Fabio Di Salvo
  • FIFA for the GCSE Physics Win – by Gethyn Jones
  • Numeracy skills for Physics – by Jinny Bell
  • Why and how I stopped using formula triangles – by Jo Castelino

Day 4: Physics topics

  • Physics Rocks! – by Alexandra Inchenko
  • Why I Love Teaching Energy! – by David Gash
  • Radioactivity with(out) the resources – by Joe Rowing
  • Mechanics: the key to A-level Physics? – by Suva De
  • Introducing EM WAVES more meaningfully – by Tom Norris

Day 5: Classroom tools

  • The Visualiser – the Swiss Army Knife for Teachers – by Chrissy Sneddon
  • Utilising the A-Level Required Practicals to Improve Student Skills and Knowledge – by Joanna Pellereau
  • Towards the holy grail of problem solving – by Peter Edmunds
  • Creative practicals on a budget – by Rich Wrigley

Day 6: The Live Panels

Note: Recording of the live panels will be available here soon!

Panel 1: Inclusivity and Diversity in Physics with Carole Kenrick, Miss T Banda, Emma Russo, James de Winter and Joe Rowing

Panel 2: Teaching Physics for Non-Specialists with Adam Robbins, Charlotte Jenner, Alison Middleton, Kieran O’Callaghan and Gethyn Jones

Panel 3: Lessons from Lockdown with David Fairweather, Alexandra Inchenko, Tom Norris, Joanna Pellereau, Peter Edmunds and Rich Wrigley

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