June 10, 2023
Photo collage with all the speakers headshots

Chat Physics Live Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Headshot of Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS

Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE FRS is a theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster. He is a University of Surrey Distinguished Chair where he has also held a personal chair in physics since 2005 alongside a university chair in the Public Engagement in Science.

Photo and info from www.jimal-khalili.com.


Headshot of Miss T Banda

Miss T Banda

Embedding Hinterland into curriculum: An analysis in methodology

Faculty Lead for Science at a school in Surrey. Formerly Head of Stem. UN SDG ambassador. EPQ Lead. Passionate about improving physics and STEM perceptions and access for students and applying research-based teaching practices to own practice. Avid robotics and Lego fan. Baking and crafts (random DIY projects) as hobbies.

Headshot of Jinny Bell

Jinny Bell

Building numeracy skills in physics

Head of Physics in Northamptonshire. Contributed to ResearchED Rugby 2019 on metacognition, and AQA’s Inside Exams podcasts on multiple choice questions. Jinny tweets @missb0107

Headshot of Genevieve Bent

Genevieve Bent

Diversity in Physics – increasing underrepresented groups

Associate Assistant Principal leading Science & Sixth Form. Head of Science for 4 years; Chemistry specialist but Physics enthusiast!

Particularly interested in STEM and Diveristy and Equity within STEM (and generally) – Founder of YGASTEM

Headshot of Jo Castelino

Jo Castelino

Why and how I stopped using formula triangles when teaching equations

Science teacher interested in applying cognitive science principles in the classroom.

Headshot of Suva De

Suva De

Mechanics – the key to A-level Physics?

I am a maths and physics private tutor, with over four years of experience. I studied theoretical physics at Imperial College London as an undergraduate, and obtained a Masters and PhD in Quantum Information from the University of Leeds. As a member of Educate One Kid, I help underprivileged children in Bankura (India) with their education, and also have an A-level physics YouTube channel called Forest Learn.

Headshot of James de Winter

James de Winter

Five Ideas from Physics Education Research to Change Your Classroom

James is nice to physics teachers for a living. This is usually done when running the PGCE physics course at Cambridge or working for the Ogden Trust. His research interests includes trying to find out what the perfect physics teacher is and how we can fine, educate and support them.

Professional photo of Ben Dickens

Ben Dickens

Prototypes in Physics

I am Assistant Team Leader for Science at Catmose College in Oakham. I have been teaching Science for 7 years, and for the last 3 years have been an school-based Institute of Physics coach, providing Physics CPD to teachers in the East Midlands.

Headshot of Fabio Di Salvo

Fabio Di Salvo

Rethinking First Examples

Fabio is the founder of ChatPhysics and is a big advocate of subject specific CPD. He was head of Physics at a state school in the UK for several years, and is currently a Physics and Maths teacher at an international school in Singapore.

Headshot of Peter Edmunds

Peter Edmunds

Towards the holy grail of problem solving

Physicist & a head of physics in North London. Passionate about making teaching resources, and reducing the workload of teaching staff. Creator of the site sciencedoctor.school.blog where there are over 360 freely downloadable physics resources.

Headshot of David Fairweather

David Fairweather

Theory of Knowledge in the Physics Classroom.

A physics teacher and Head of Theory of Knowledge at Aiglon College, an international boarding school in Switzerland. Currently teaching the International Baccalaureate, and formerly teaching A-level in the UK. A particular focus is on raising participation and engagement in post-16 Physics.

Headshot of David Gash with a skeleton

David Gash

Why I Love Teaching Energy!

Head of Science from Liverpool, teacher of Physics for 13 years. I am loving how the current thinking of how we teach energy actually frees us from constraints and allows us to focus on what’s important – calculating stuff! (And I cannot wait to share this with you!)

Headshot of Alexandra Inchenko

Alex Inchenko

Physics Rocks! (using geology to teach physics)

Alex is a Physics teacher at a London girls school, she is keen to promote women in STEM and encourage students to see physics in the world around them. She has a background in Earth science and was an oil industry geoscientist in a previous life, where she frequently participated in school and university outreach work.

Headshot of Charlotte Jenner

Charlotte Jenner

The Use of Inquiry Based Learning in A Level Physics

My BSc was in Physics with astrophysics and then I went on to complete a masters in theoretical and computational astrophysics. I have also done astrobiological and dark matter research as part of my masters. I then trained as a teacher and work in an all boys school in Kent teaching mainly A-level physics.

Headshot of Gethyn Jones

Gethyn Jones

Using the FIFA system for physics calculations

Gethyn Jones has been a physics teacher nigh on thirty years at a range of schools and academies in Wales and England and has many years of experience as a lead physics teacher. He blogs and tweets as @emc2andallthat. He currently teaches at an independent school in London.

Carole Kenrick

Misconceptions: we don’t know what we don’t know

Carole is a highly experienced physics specialist science teacher in both primary and secondary, and has a decade’s experience training teachers, including for the IOP, Ogden Trust, Teach First and STEM Learning. She is particularly passionate about evidence-informed pedagogy, developing students’ identification with physics, and building partnerships between schools.

Headshot of Allison Middleton

Alison Middleton

Teaching Physics as a non-specialist

Head of science in the North West. I have a degree in Molecular Biology and started out as a biology teacher before I saw the light and decided that physics was the way forward. Love trying to inspire the next generation of scientists both in the classroom and out.

Headshot of Tom Norris

Tom Norris

Introducing Electromagnetic Waves more meaningfully

Tom Norris is a practising physics teacher. He has taught physics to 11-18 year olds in state schools in England since 2010, including 7 years as Head of Physics at Huntington Research School. During this time Tom has also worked as a Physics Coach for the Institute of Physics, supporting numerous teachers and science departments to develop their practice and curricula. Tom can often be found talking about teaching physics on twitter using the handle @physicsuk, and he occasionally blogs about aspects of physics and science education.

Headshot of Kieran O'Callaghan

Kieran O’Callaghan


Assistant Head of Science and Physics Lead in Wigan, North West. Committee member of the Science in Practice network.

Headshot of Jo Pellereau wearing safety googles

Jo Pellereau

Utilising the A-Level Required Practicals to Improve Student Skills and Knowledge

Jo is an experienced Physics HoD and STEM Coordinator who is now studying for a PhD in education and still teaching physics part-time.

Headshot of Adam Robbins

Adam Robbins

What does it mean to implement cognitive science into your physics teaching?

Adam Robbins is a Head of Science in a large coastal comprehensive. He is also the managing editor of CogSciSci, a grassroots organisation aiming to bring cognitive science to science educators. In his spare time he writes about educational issues and school middle leadership on his blog and for Oxford University Press

Headshot of Joe Rowing

Joe Rowing

Radioactivity with(out) the resources

Joe Rowing is Deputy Headteacher at Exeter Mathematics School, an outstanding state funded, University supported, 6th form for able students of Maths and Science. He works extensively with students and teachers in other schools as part of the school’s outreach for for maths, physics and computing across the south west. In addition he leads teacher training courses, CPD and works as a coach for the Institute of Physics. He is a keen cyclist and a lover of the great outdoors, but mostly has a passion for practical physics and a love of teaching that truly inspires.

Headshot of Emma Russo

Emma Russo

Girls in Physics: Learning from research and taking action in the classroom

Emma Russo is a Physics Teacher, Director of STEM and Assistant Head Teacher at South Hampstead High School, GDST. She was one of the top 50 global teachers shortlisted for the Varkey Foundation Prize 2019 for her work championing girls in STEM. In 2020 she was awarded the Daphne Jackson Medal by the Institute of Physics. Emma’s strong track record and enthusiasm aims to inspire others to challenge stereotypes: her work has global reach, having presented at the Global Skills & Education Forum in Dubai and WomenEd UK. She also worked with teachers in Saudi Arabia and Sweden. She was also listed in 2019 in the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 as one of London’s most influential people in education.

Headshot of Chrissy Sneddon

Chrissy Sneddon

The humble visualiser – the swiss army knife for teachers

I’ve been teaching physics in the west of Scotland since 2004, with time away from the classroom in the middle. This let me clarify the important elements of teaching, and focus on reading up on research about learning. I am also involved in work with my husband on teaching strategies that can work across school and university.

Headshot of Rich Wrigley

Rich Wrigley

Creative practicals on a budget

Rich has been teaching physics since 2009, and has taught in the UK, Brazil, Germany and Mexico. He is passionate about making physics as hands on as possible, as well as linking space science and exploration wherever possible. He is currently teaching in an international school in Mexico, where he is also a Head of Faculty.