June 10, 2023

Chat Physics Live – February 2021

We are very excited to announce our first ever online conference, happening in February 2021.

The Chat Physics London conference was all set to happen in June 2020. We had some fantastic speakers lined up to give a talk at the IOP Headquarters in London. Unfortunately the event didn’t happen, but from this setback the Chat Physics website was born.

Nobody knows what things will be like in 2021, but we do know that there is a real want from educators for online CPD. This year many organisations showed that we do not need to be together in person in order to learn from each other. Online CPD allows people to watch videos in their own time, and it is in this manner that we will be conducting the Chat Physics Live conference.

How will it be run?

All talks by our speakers will be prerecorded and will be gradually released to ticket holders throughout the week commencing Monday 15th February 2021. Ticket holders are encouraged to join in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #ChatPhysicsLive.

On Saturday 20th February 2021 there will be an online panel of speakers ready to answer questions from ticket holders live. Questions for the Q&A session will be submitted by ticket holders throughout the week.

Who is speaking at the conference?

Speakers will be added here as and when we confirm them.

Can I record a talk for the conference?

We want this to be YOUR conference, and we would love to have talks from a diverse range of speakers. The topic can be on anything related to Physics education. We will group talks by theme and release new videos each day during the conference week.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to give speaking at an education event a go. You can record your talk as many times as you want before sending us your final version when you are happy with it. We encourage everyone to give it a go. Everyone has something they can talk about, but here are some ideas:

  • Demo or practical ideas
  • Sharing a book that you’ve read that has helped your teaching
  • Representation of different groups in physics
  • An app or website that you use
  • Thoughts on pedagogy, curriculum and assessment
  • Experiences you’ve had that you feel others might benefit from
  • Tips and advice for early career teachers
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Current affairs and how they impact your teaching

Videos can be in any format and we ask them to be around 15 minutes long.

If I record a talk, do I have to be part of the online panel?

Not at all – the online panel is optional.

We would like as many speakers as possible to attend to answer any questions that attendees might have, but we understand that some speakers would rather not and this is absolutely fine.

Sounds great, how do I submit a talk?

We are currently accepting talk proposals via this Google Form.

Deadline for proposals submissions is 9pm on Sunday 13th December 2020.

A proposal does not guarantee a talk at the conference. We will need to weigh up similar sounding talks and ensure there is a diverse range of speakers. All submissions will be reviewed by an editorial panel and we will be in touch if you are selected.

How much does a ticket cost?

Tickets will be FREE.

However, we would love ticket holders to donate money to a charity of our choosing, which will be decided upon once ticket details are confirmed.

Any other questions?

If you have any further questions about the event, please feel free to contact us here.

Fabio is the founder of ChatSci. He wants teachers from schools around the world talking more and sharing all their great ideas with each other. Fabio blogs at fabiodisalvo.com and tweets at @FabDiSalvo


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