Our Best Biology Bloggers!

We thought we would collate some of our best biology blogs/bloggers all in one place for your reading pleasure!

If you fancy writing a one off piece that you would like us to host on here to share with the ChatBiology community drop us a DM on twitter or use the contact us form on the site to email us!

We have grouped them loosely around some themes!

Curriculum Sequencing

Pritesh Raichura: Sequencing of evolution –…

Brett Kingsbury: MRS GREN –…

Christian Anderson: For all your curriculum deep planning needs! –

Adam Robbins: More about sequencing evolution also general great teaching tips!

Teaching Methods, “How To Teach Guides”

Dr. Jo Castelino: Great blog for how to’s including this on protein synthesis

Pritesh Raichura: Faithful diagrams (great example of teaching absorption in the villi) –…

Pritesh Raichura: Dual coding definitions (includes SA:V) –…

Pritesh Raichura: Dual coding processes (includes menstrual hormones) –…

Adam Boxer: Modelling magnification calculation –…

Brett Kingsbury: DI in Biology –…

Jon Hale: A-Level Biology how to go beyond the CPACS –

Hinterland/Beyond the Curriculum

Miss J: A great blog about extremophiles from an expert!

Dr. Jo: Some great “outiside the box” ideas for enrichment and more!

Jon Hale: Engaging young people through a Royal Society Partnership Grant –

Jon Hale: British Ecological Summer School Experience –

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