June 10, 2023

Schema-Building in Physics

Learning builds in schemas; knowledge allows you to accrue more knowledge. As we learn, we arrange information into sets of ideas (schemas) that help us make sense of the world. This makes future recall easier because whole sets of ideas can be recalled together. This is why knowledge builds on knowledge. In this video, Tom Sherrington demonstrates Schema-building using some classic Physics examples.

Featured photo by Truong Dat on Unsplash

Tom Sherrington is an education consultant and author. He writes the popular blog teacherhead.com and his books include The Learning Rainforest and best-seller Rosenshine’s Principles in Action. With 30 years' experience as a physics and maths teacher and school leader, including 11 years as a Headteacher, Tom is now in demand from schools across the UK and around the world to deliver CPD for teachers and leadership teams. He works with several schools and colleges providing consultancy support on curriculum and improving the quality of teaching. He is a regular keynote speaker and contributor to conferences and education festivals.

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