June 10, 2023

The philosophy of biology: How it affects curricular design

During my teacher training we had to write a masters’ level essay on the implementation of the How Science Works component of the English secondary science curriculum. There was a bit of confusion as to what this really was, and many schools seemed to view it as a bolt-on exercise to appear intermittently (if at all) to tick boxes. It was seen principally as the ‘scientific method’, which meant to most people ‘how to design and carry out an experiment’.

But there’s so much more to it than this. Rather than making intermittent appearances, it transcends the curriculum, read more here:

Christian Moore Anderson


Christian graduated with a degree in microbiology but wishes he had the time and money to study all fields of biology. He has special interests in systems thinking and wishes he hadn’t dropped maths so early He now works in an international school in Spain, likes to blog about biology pedagogy, and is working on publishing his ideas. You can read his blog posts at the link below.

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