June 10, 2023

The Physics Education Community on Twitter

When someone asks me about great CPD resources, I always mention Twitter. It has been a fantastic resource for me over the past few years. It took me a few years into my teaching career to discover the Physics education community on Twitter, but since then it has been a constant supply of free information, resources to use in lessons, and a great venue for discussing a range of Physics educational topics. Where else can you have instant access to so many ideas and opinions in one easy to access place?

While Twitter can be daunting to someone new to the platform, with some time it will soon become a go to resource for many teachers. The great thing about Twitter is that you can share as much or as little as you want. I encourage everyone to share their voice and to get involved in discussions, but the truth is you don’t even need to tweet to benefit from the platform.

I put out a call to Physics teachers and technicians who would be willing to help out others (those new to the platform, new and experienced teachers, Physics students, etc) and the response was wonderful to see. There are so many people out there who are so happy to help out for free in their own time.

I have created this Google Sheet which lists all of the people who replied, along with the specific curriculums and specifications they have experience in. These people are willing to help out with any questions you may have, and I suggest you bookmark this as it will be updated as more people ask to be added.

Screenshot from the Google Sheet

The best way to use this sheet is to look for the spec you are interested in, see which tweeters are experienced with that spec, and then just get onto Twitter and tag these people into your tweets, or send them a DM (Direct Message) with your questions if you’d rather do it privately (if their DMs are open. FYI, DMs go to a separate inbox if they do not follow you back, so just bear in mind that some people might not see your message straight away).

The alternative way of using this list of people is to look through the text based list below. The best way to use this list is to search the page (Ctrl+F or Command+F) and to search for the term you want help with (AQA, GCSE, IB, etc).

Happy Tweeting!

Physics Education Twitter Community

@_RachAshley – AQA GCSE and A level.
@_siddharth_gn – Indian 11th and 12th grade
@AdamWteach – OCR 21st century science
@Al_Bellie – AQA GCSE and A level.
@alan_rowse – I specialise in the STEM subjects (at GCSE) plus Physics to A level. Ex electronics design, Ex secondary HOD plus ITE for 12 years
@AnAngryScott – Edexcel gcse and a level. Astronomy gcse
@andrewkbailey13 – Scottish National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher.
@AndrewMooreSci – AQA GCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and IB Physics
@Andy_Carruthers – AQA GCSE and A level.
@benwford – Edexcel IGCSE. AQA GCSE. AQA A-level. Eduqas A-level
@BogwoppitFee – Technician supporting AQA GCSE and Alevel
@BonnerPhysics – Currently Edexcel Alevel (first time through previously AQA A level) and Edexcel 9-1 GCSE.
@bowman_physics – CIE IGCSE, IB (SL and HL)
@BPhysicswith – AQA A Level. Edexcel GCSE
@butchnofingers – AQA GCSE sciences (Physics) OCR A LEVEL Physics A, BTEC lvl3 Extended Cert units 1-3
@capybara100 – Physics tech. AQA physics at GCSE and A level. Found of EMPA use for paper 3 prep
@charityclough – Honors level high school physics in the USA.
@ChristinaAstin – Physics trainer @PhysicsPartners. Any spec – CE, GCSE, IGCSE, A level, IB. Also mentoring heads of science.
@Clauds4311 – GCSE AQA or A level OCR B
@corsham_science – AQA GCSE and A level.
@crossjacktar – Physics Technician for 9 years. AQA GCSE & OCR A level. RSciTech. MIoP
@curricadvocate – Happy to offer any ideas for any primary colleagues trying to work out how to inspire young minds and persuade them physics is fundamental. Willing to help ks3 as well.
@d85_uk – AQA a level and Edexcel GCSE
@DanHannard – AQA GCSE & A-level
@DJGteaching – AQA all Key Stages
@dojo_learning – OCR Physics A for A-level and practical component of AQA and Edexcel
@DRBAstro – OCR A. (GCSE Gateway and A level)
@drcsneddon – Scottish National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher.
@DrDavidBoyce – AQA GCSE, EDEXCEL IGCSE, OCR A level. And anything space and astronomy
@drewburrett – Scottish N5, Higher and *bits* of Advanced Higher
@emc2andallthat – Happy to help with any and all questions. Currently AQA and GCSE and A-level
@FabPhysics – AQA A Level and GCSE. IB SL and HL. Edexcel and CIE IGCSE
@FairweatherD – IB and Edexcel IGCSE
@FakeTechnician – Technician team with all the science disciplines happy to help.
@FergusonMr1 – AQA GCSE Physics
@FishwickDr – AQA for A level and GCSE.
@flippedaround – AQA A-level, Edexcel A-level.
@forresphysics – Scottish system – all ages
@gallacher_mart – AQA Alevel Physics
@GGoyal24 – AQA GCSE physics and A level physics
@Gill_Physics – Any AQA or Edexcel
@GrahamYapp – A Level OCR A and Edexcel. GCSE AQA. Happy to discuss any spec
@GriggsMiss – Scottish National 4, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher.
@gruffyddffiseg – WJEC GCSE and A Level.
@grumpy_teach – AQA GCSE and A-Level.
@HatlessPirate – AQA/ OCR / Edexcel A Level \ GCSE \ BTEC Applied
@helenreedteach – Edexcel GCSE
@HelpfromHobson – AQA for both GCSE and A Level
@heroteach – OCR B for GCSE and A-Level. AQA GCSE
@HFord_SciEd – AQA GCSE and A Level
@HoltKieren – happy to help with thinking up ideas for practicals.
@Hookean1 – AQA A-Level. Edexcel IGCSE
@HSE_physics – Common entrance, AQA GCSE, Edexcel IGCSE, A-level OCR A and OCR B, MYP, IB higher and standard level, Oxbridge and Olympiad prep, “science” for lower year
@j_phys – WJEC
@JammyPhysics – AQA GCSE and A level physics, but pretty much any physics topic if not exam specific questions
@JG_Ocean – GCSE AQA
@jm_muise – general pedagogy questions or Canadian specific queries.
@JRowing – Iop physics coach. All ages, all specs
@JYPhysics – AQA GCSE and A level.
@KATechnicians – Senior Technician all science disciplines.
@KerryColyer – AQA GCSE
@lfrickerteach – AQA GCSE and IB
@LukeHughes10 – AQA all Key Stages
@MarcusPhysics – OCR A level and igcse Edexcel.
@MarshallPhysics – AQA GCSE. OCR A H556
@MaryWild – GCSE AQA. Some A Level
@MattPearson1991 – A level, GCSE AQA. A level OCR A
@MBDscience – AQA GCSE. Have taught both Synergy and Trilogy.
@mclarkscience – Edexcel GCSE. Edexcel International A Level
@MissB0107 – AQA GCSE. OCR A A-level
@MissNeutrino – AQA at GCSE and OCR at A-level. General physics questions, especially about particle physics
@MrAScience101 – AQA Trilogy/Separate. Examiner
@MrBDickens – AQA GCSE, AQA Synergy GCSE and Edexcel A-level.
@MrEHurst – OCR A Physics & AQA GCSE
@MrHulsePhysics – Edexcel GCSE; AQA A-Level
@mrkocallaghan – AQA GCSE and A level.
@mrlouieevans – OCR A a level. Edexcel iGCSE
@MrMasley – IB SL and HL Physics
@MrNMCox – Ex-principal examiner AQA A Level and GCSE Physics. Also Ofqual Subject expert for science.
@MrsTaskerSci – Edexcel GCSE
@Ms_D_Sci – AQA GCSE
@MsDowdSci – Edexcel GCSE, AQA A Level and IB (SL and HL)
@Murray35David – AQA A Level and Edexcel IGCSE
@MurrayPhysics – IGCSE, OCR A A-Level and IB
@mwright_sci – AQA GCSE and A level.
@NessLocke – AQA A level and GCSE
@Newmanphysics – Ask me anything
@NichilessDey – AQA gcse, Edexcel IGCSE & A level. Could possibly help with IB SL/HL but this would be question dependent.
@nickbakerqes – Edexcel a level physics and Edexcel GCSE physics.
@NicolaPercy1 – Any secondary key stage (and possibly KS2) and most specs
@ParsonsPhysics – AQA GCSE, AQA A Level, BTEC Level 3/Nationals Applied Science
@PaulBushen – Edexcel igcse and a level
@PaulMcDaid – AQA GCSE and A level.
@PhysicsIreland – Irish teachers of physics with JC and LC Physics
@PhysicsJo – AQA A Level. Edexcel IGCSE
@physicsninja – Edexcel GCSE and A level
@PhysicsUk – AQA gcse, edexcel and ocr b A levels. Almost any physics topic.
@PhysTeacha – AQA GCSE and OCR A level
@QuarkyTeacher42 – Edexcel GCSE or IGCSE. Alevel – AQA or OCRA
@RBhattPhy – AQA GCSE and A level.
@RobinSGriffiths – Edexcel IGCSE and A level at the moment but have taught AQA GCSE and A level too
@RustySeeney – wjec
@rwrigley – CIE for IGCSE (Coord Sci and Triple Physics). IB HL and SL Physics
@sandrine9210 – Technician- AQA
@SeyScience – CIE IGCSE
@Shannon91981 – HS physics honors, and conceptual. Some years AP physics 1.
@SJDJ – First-year university physics in Canada, both algebra and calculus-based. AP Physics I&2 and C (both Mechanics and E&M). Workshop physics and flipped classroom models
@smnhunt_edu – AQA A-Level Physics. OCR B.
@t_saviour – Senior Lead Technician with over 20yrs experience. Also cover all science subjects to A-level currently following AQA curriculum.
@TWPhere – AQA A-Level
@wcooper19576 – AQA GCSE and A level
@wooksteroo – A level ocr b. GCSE AQA
@yenriacsemaj – Senior Science Technician
@ZozieH – AQA GCSE
Fabio is the founder of ChatSci. He wants teachers from schools around the world talking more and sharing all their great ideas with each other. Fabio blogs at fabiodisalvo.com and tweets at @FabDiSalvo


  • Jon Ison December 30, 2020

    Hi Fabio,
    Finally got around to getting involved…. Twitter @IsonJon – teaching A-level (OCR-A) only

    Now in FE in Barnsley, but been teaching awhile (HoS in 11-18 previously) & have lots of experience of AQA-A spec (was also in the original tranche for OCR-B, for 6 years).

    Always re-writing happy to share!

  • Matthew Lewis April 17, 2021

    Hi, Id love to be involved as well my twitter handle is @Doormat_1 Im a head of physics in North Wales and have been teaching the WJEC spec since 2012 both GCSE and A Level. I’ve also taught chemistry as well for that time

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