ChatSciThe Global Biohacking Collective

Science shouldn't be censored

Welcome to ChatSci: The home for biohackers, researchers and hobbyists all across the globe.

Join us as we improve the human condition as one united team, dedicated to seeking the truth.

Whether you're here to learn from ChatSci's global biohacking Wiki, or you're here to bring your product to the world, or you're just here to nerd out with others who believe in the integrity of science, ChatSci is right for you.

No invasive ads.
No annoying subscriptions.
No buggy software.
No glorified spyware.

We are not here to match other social platforms. We're here to foster an experience that is orders of magnitude better.


ChatSci is the biohacker's home away from home

The best place on the internet for biohackers

When you're not injecting peptides or absorbing near-infrared light in the nude, we've got you covered...

  • Discord-style Chat (but better)
  • Share & Publish Your Stacks
  • Constantly-Curated Nootropic Knowledge Base
  • In-App Nootropic Storefronts

Join the Movement

We've been deplatformed countless times. Reddit bans our members; Discord shuts us down; and the FDA & DEA treat health aspiration like a crime against humanity. Now we have a place on the web to call our own

Biohackers United

A platform we control

An entire ecosystem

Questions Answered

Got questions? Our FAQ section is here to empower you with knowledge to navigate the world of cognitive enhancement effectively.

Who created ChatSci?

Why was ChatSci created?

Can I sell my supplements on ChatSci?

Is ChatSci for researchers or hobbyists?

How is ChatSci different from Discord or Reddit?

How can I help ChatSci grow?

Does ChatSci have a knowledge base?

Who controls ChatSci? What if a government shuts down your servers?

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